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MARA customized field is empty in SE16

Aug 03, 2017 at 09:32 AM


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Hello everyone,

My company has a customized field. Each material is identified with its number (MARA table, field: MATRN) and another code (Table MARA, field : ZZDKPUEPBG).

I need to fetch all material code and the customized code.

The problem is, in SE16, MARA table, I get everything but the customized field whichis empty for every material. It does not depend on the division.

Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advace.

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2 Answers

Jürgen L
Aug 03, 2017 at 09:46 AM

Do you want to say that in SE16 the field is empty while it is filled in your material master?

if yes then please show screenshot of your material master view and from SE16

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Exactly. Here is an example :

example.jpg (12.9 kB)

so far reached my imagination.

I asked you about the screenshot from material master where you see the value maintained.

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Here is the MM03 view :

example-mm03.jpg (21.1 kB)

put the cursor into the product group field, press F1, and then click technical field help and show a screenshot from that pop-up

In general if the value is displayed in MM03, then it must be stored in a table field. Maybe it is a different field in MARA or even a different table.

Btw. I am moving this to ABAP development as it has nothing to do with Materials Management., It is own development and a technical issue .

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Here is the pop-up :

popup.jpg (67.8 kB)

so far it looks logic from the naming and I would assume you are looking at the right field.

Can you use SE16N instead of SE16? If yes, then open the personal settings (Ctrl+F12) and flag the field for output without conversion exit.

after you executed the selection, can you please double click the result and scroll through all fields to find out if the value from the product group is eventually stored in another field.

I would also like you to search for the material using the field : ZZDKPUEPBG with its value from MM03

instead of searching my material number. As I have seen a lot mistakes in my career I want to make sure that you do not eventually have the same material number without leading zeros in your MARA table.

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Unfortunately, I have access to SE16 only. It helped me a lot in my work. But now it seems to me that I should copy-paste thousands of values one by one... :-(


SE16 will usually show the same content, SE16N is just modern and more handy than SE16. It can show all fields by doubleclick while in SE16 you would need to mark your selection fields and fields that are to be shown.

IF you have no access to SE16N then I assume you are not a consultant and you should go with your issue to your local IT.

Jelena Perfiljeva
Aug 03, 2017 at 09:56 PM

Based on the comments in Juergen's answer - it seems like a very odd issue. There are only a few possibilities I can imagine:

- some odd presentation issue in SE16 (try disabling conversion exits in the options, also use ALV grid display);
- you're looking in a wrong client (MANDT);
- technically, the field could show up as linked to a DB field but in the ABAP code it can be manipulated to be read/written elsewhere.

The latter would be rather weird and a bad practice but people do weird stuff like that. Start SQL Trace (ST05) then use MM02 to update the field and SQL Trace will show exactly where it's coming/going.

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