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Elegant way to skip pass in job

Hello IDM community,

I have another question for you. So here is the scenario:

I have a job with several passes:

  • One that looks for certain entries via a SQL query and creates a file.
  • One that sends an email with the file as attachment.
  • One that creates accounts based on the query.
  • One that assigns roles.

If the first query comes up empty, the email should not be send and so I use an initialization script on the email pass, that checks the size of the attachment and if it's under a certain size (= empty), then the pass is skipped via


in the script.

All of that works great. Buuuut the use of an initialization script puts two lines of warning in the log every time:

Pass aborted by initialization script
Pass skipped by script

The expected outcome, no surprise there, because most of the time the email does not need to be send.

The issue is, that this job runs hourly and my poor job log looks like this:

A lot of info warnings for a successful job (the third on is mine with the info, that the pass was skipped, because the file is empty).


So I asked you guys: is there a better way to skip the email pass? I need the job to go to the next pass, so no termination of the whole job (that would create warnings, too, anyway).

Since this is a scheduled job, I have no means of a "if... then" task, that I know of.

Anybody out there with an idea, to clean up my logs? :)




screenshot291.jpg (125.5 kB)
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    Aug 03, 2017 at 10:23 AM

    Try using a side effect script applied to one of your parameters on the destination of your "Send Email" pass, which internally skips the current entry (1), instead of the complete pass (2). In my example below, that's the call to ...skipUnlessFileExists(...).

    Not sure about 7.2, but I believe there are no implicit warnings in 8.0 SP4 with that approach.

    Kind regards, Lambert

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