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How to load data from Facebook Ads and Campaign Management into SAP Hybris Marketing?

Aug 03, 2017 at 04:26 AM


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Hi all,

I'm still researching about integration between SAP hybris Marketing and Social media, in that case: facebook. I had read some docs related to this, however I could not found Data Management on our system to config or continue step. I think maybe I dont have enough Role or service not activate. What service should be enabled? and where I can configure to finish this? Please help.


I already view this video, cannot install Data service designer.

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1 Answer

Komur Akil Aug 03, 2017 at 06:30 AM

First of all, what is your goal? Do you want to retrieve posts from Facebook, or do you want to use Facebook Ad Campaigns? These are two separate things and both need (separate) configuration.

1. Facebook Ad Campaigns

As described in the below manual, you will need to use transaction OA2C_CONFIG, and transaction OA2C_GRANT to configure your connection with Facebook. Are you sure you did the below configuration? Did you also already create an add account in Facebook?

2. Retrieve Facebook posts

Standard is to use SAP Data Services which connects to Facebook and retrieves posts from your Fan Page (e.g. you search term will be the Facebook user id). You would need to probably set up a separate server, and install SAP Data Services. Your best best would be to look at the RDS

See "Load social media data for SAP Hybris Marketing (DI6)" at below website

oa2c-config.png (24.6 kB)
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Hi Akil,

Thanks alot for ur rep. absolutely I want to retrieve posts from page, and get ads campaign in admin management too. I built facebook app and already done config on OA2C_CONFIG with appid, app secret, however when I go to OA2C_GRANT, I got trouble here therefore can not insert acess token.

I tried to install SAP data service on client computer (windows sys) and when I log on, the alert appear. what wrong with my login, I'm sure fill in true user name, password, Ip server and port.

error159.png (19.5 kB)
failed2logon.png (39.8 kB)

It might be easier to create two separate questions for these.

If we look at the SAP Data Services error, it seems you might have missed some of the configuration.

Could you try to go through either

Configuration Guide - Getting Started with implementing rapid data load for SAP Hybris Marketing V5.12 (1605, 1608) or

Configuration Guide - Getting Started with implementing rapid data load for SAP Hybris Marketing V6.12 (1702)

depending on your on-premise version.

Regarding trouble with OA2C_GRANT, I am not sure about that. If OA2C_CONFIG works, OA2C_GRANT sbhould work too. Maybe someone else has ideas about this. Could you for instance check "/IWFND/ERROR_LOG - SAP Gateway Error Log".


alright I'll check docs. About tcode OA2C_GRANT, it run but I mean when click "Request OAuth 2.0 Token", sys show this error.

Thanks you again.



Please see the following thread too, are your settings in OA2C_CONFIG about the same as shown below:

Facebook Campaign and OAuth authentication

You might need to apply notes (2470543) to update to latest Facebook v2.9 API too, if you didn't already.


yup, I completed all settings in OA2C_CONFIG. my Fb App using API v2.8. Should I recreate new app within lastest ver. API?


Does your application server (on-premise) also use v2.8? Did you implement the note for that?

I think it would be best to use the latest version (so to use v2.9 for Hybris Marketing), since I haven't seen v2.10 released for Hybris Marketing yet.



have you checked the transaction SMICM ? I had some problems at the beginning, too. First error was about missing entries in the proxy, second was about missing certificates, although I've imported the certificate from

So have a look at SMICM where the problem might come from.