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Jul 31, 2007 at 06:51 PM

Incoming Payment Confirmation EDI 824


We are using Third party Printer to Print Checks (F110) and Remittance and then they mail the checks and Remittance to the Vendors. We are using EDI 820 and 831. There will be a separate EDI 820 file for each check and then EDI 831 file will be the total of all checks. E.g. for 10 checks there will be 10 EDI 820 files and 1 EDI 831 files which will the total of EDI 820 files. A few hours after transmitting checks (the 820’s and 831), we receive an 824 summary document telling if the transmitted file is ok. That is, the count and total amount of all the checks matches the count and total in the control totals 831 file.

Does any body tell me how and where I process this Inbound 824 Ack/Summary file in SAP. Thanks in advance