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pls send me monitering Technics

1) pls send me monitering technics

2) rentime workbench process

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2 Answers

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    Aug 01, 2007 at 05:39 AM


    <b>1) Componenet Monitoring:</b>

    Smooth integration with CCMS

    Monitoring the statuses of Various XI3.0 Components

    Error handling

    Monitoring of ABAP and Java components

    Central viewing of component‘s connection status in a specific domain.

    Central overview of component‘s parameter settings.

    Ping of system and sending of messages to components via a self-test area.

    Component Monitoring can also be started by a special CCMS Alert Monitor which monitors individual XI Components.

    <b>2) Message Monitoring:</b>

    Based on SAP standard monitoring solutions

    Offering end-to-end message monitoring

    Track Status & Errors of XI Messages

    Available per XI component

    Tracking of message flow through different XI components

    Central access point for different message monitors

    Integration Engine

    J2EE Adapter Engine(s)

    <b>3) End-to-End Monitoring:</b>

    XI end-to-end process produced as a result of the setting done in the central configuration of TPM.

    Monitor the path of individual messages through the components, from start to end.

    Choose status symbol or attributes (e.g. warning, error, success) to display corresponding process instances

    <b>4) Performance Monitoring:</b>

    Performance statistics

    Measuring of throughput and latency (‘processing time’)

    Selection and aggregation of performance data by

    XI component

    Time range

    Message attributes

    Performance measurement during operation

    Measured data:


    Latency (“processing time”)

    Selection and Aggregation by:

    XI component (Integration Server, Adapter Engine)

    Time range

    Message attributes: Sender, Receiver, message type

    <b>5) Alert Configuration:</b>

    Based on Alerting Framework

    Active Monitoring (alerts being sent by e-Mail, SMS,…)

    CCMS-alert and message-oriented alerts

    Objective: Active Monitoring

    CCMS Alerts + message-oriented alerts

    Based on SAP Web AS Alert Framework

    Alerts propagated through E-Mail, SMS, FAX

    sxmb_moni and monitor both are same...

    SXMB_MONI helps you to find any error in the xi steps. But it will not tell you if you have any errors on the adapters. It runs on abap stack

    in SXMB_MONI is to monirot the messages in the Business Prcoess Engine (BPE) in which ur BPM's are executed.

    So for checking any errors on the adapters and the errors for communicaiton channels we need to go with RWB. It runs on Java Stack

    Also you can find status information about various IS components like "Integration Engine","Adapter Engine" etc.The RWB provides these info from the data it receives from CCMS. (component monitoring). .

    You have the option to view/monitor all the messages passing through a particular component (.say Adapter Engine) or view/monitor a particular message through the various pipeline components. (like IE, AE etc)/ (End-End monitoring)

    You also have features to configure alerts.

    Since RWB lies on the Java stack, it can be invoked direclty from a browser while sxmb_moni requires you to log in thru SAP gui to get into the abap stack

    From RWB Message Monitoring you will be able to see the staus of the message but you will not be able to trace out the entire flow of the message as well as the cause of tghe error.


    Ramana Kumar. A

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    Jul 31, 2007 at 06:05 PM


    Try this link>

    Also here are some points to do monitoring;

    - suppose you have File to JDBC scenario. then how can u monitor it, here are the steps:

    1. Check the File adapter status - Just logon to RWB-->Component Monitoring, select your Communicatin Channel and check its status.

    2. To check the sent message(file) in XI use t-code SXMB_MONI. here you can check weather your message successfully processed or not. There are diff pipeline steps which shows more details about processed message(fail or error)

    Also from RWB --message monitoring just check the status of the messges (in Integration Server and Adapter Framework)

    I am collecting proper (for Monitoring) link which I will send you soon



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