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Jul 31, 2007 at 03:02 PM

Problem with toolarea iview in EP 7


Hi All,

We've got a bunch of toolarea iviews set up to provide search functionality to several km repositories. In addition to the toolarea iviews, I've created corresponding search iviews for each toolarea iview. I then put the pcd location of the search iview in the 'KM Search Component' field in the toolarea iview. This way, I can configure my search that's performed through the toolarea. I was shown how to do this in the following forum message:

The problem is that since we've upgraded to EP7, I've noticed that this doesn't seem to work any more. When I search from the toolarea, it seems to act as if I didn't put the search component in the toolarea iview's 'KM Search Component' field. What this means is that it seems to search from all available indexes instead of just from the start folder that's in the SearchOptions set that's referenced in the search iview.

Has anyone encountered this yet? Can someone else please try this in EP 7 and see if it happens to you too? Any other ideas?


-Stephen Spalding

Web Developer