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Jul 31, 2007 at 02:23 PM

tableview iterator editing questions


I have a BSP application that displays an ods contents and lets users edit a particular column. I use a table view iterator for this. Every thing works great functionality wise. I would like some design changes and wasn't sure if it was possible.

1. When the user selects a record, edits it and clicks submit, the new value is not shown immediately. Only after a refresh or after selecting another record is the new edited value being shown. How can I make it show as soon it is edited?

2. When they select a row for editing, it shows that record wrapped in a orange color grid. Once it is updated, it continues to show in that orange grid. Can this be taken out? In other words, after the editing is done, can the record be taken out of edit mode? At the moment, the user has to click on it to take it out of edit mode.

3. Is it possible to change the left square select box (the box to click on to choose the record for editing) to any other image?