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Jul 31, 2007 at 02:17 PM

Call WDA from ABAP via function module


Hi WDA experts,

is there any possibility to call a WDA within a ABAP report AND include it in the process.

The best would be to call a WDA via a function module - make some inputs on the WDA side - press submit and the function module gives me the data from the webdynpro back to my application.

I know that I can call a WDA via the function CALL_BROWSER, but in this case the WDA application is fully independent from the report and I am not able to post any data back to the report.

I also know FM WDY_EXECUTE_IN_PLACE, but in this case I need a HTML container to display the WDA and there it seems that I also never get back any data back to the report.

Any hints are appreciated.