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Jul 31, 2007 at 01:29 PM

Cost Cenrter master data puzzle


Hi All

I am working through the course notes from the BW310 course.

When I load the characteristic data (attributes and text) for the cost center I get the following number of records.

Attribute PSA table - 552 records

Text PSA table - 551 records

Attribute InfoProvider table - 796 records

Text InfoProvider table - 793 records

I am most puzzled by the jump between the PSA and InfoProvider numbers. ie. for attributes the jump is 244 from 552 and 796. When I look at the data for a particular cost center in the PSA there are 3 records but the same CC has 4 records in the master data table. The extra record has blanks in most fields except for the dates which is set to 01.01.1000 to 31.03.2001. In the infopackage I sets the date range to be 01.01.1950 to 12.31.9999 but our system actually went live in 2002.

Can someboy explain what is going on please ?

Also i would like to know why there is a difference of 1 between the attributes and texts.