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Jul 31, 2007 at 12:18 PM

Problem in SAP Script


Hi experts,

I have one problem in SAP Script.

I am displaying one purchase order output in sap script.Here i am displaying 5 windows in top of the main window.

That is 1.HEADER 2.TITLE 3.REGS WINDOW in top of the page.(These 3 windows should display in all the pages)

Between these 3 windows and mainwindow i am displaying another 2 windows. that is

1 Address 2.Info window.(These 2 windows should be in first page only, no need in all pages.

Here only i am getting the following problem.

If the number of line items are below 5 in main window it is displaying correctly in a single page. (that is all 5 windows in first page)

If it has 10 line items it is not displaying correctly.

Here in first page Header and Regs window only displayed.(This is the problem.since here i need all the 5 windows)

Header, Title and Regs are displaying in second page(this is correct).

The followin windowsare in my first page.

Heder,Title,Regs,Address, info and main window.

The followin windowsare in my second page.

Heder,Title,Regs and main window.

I hope you understand my problem..

Thanks in advance,