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Jul 31, 2007 at 11:57 AM

MIRO : exits and badis



i'm looking for exits/badis in the MIRO transaction (Enter Incoming Invoice) after pushing the Save-button.

For transaction/event :

- Invoice : for some conditions a subprocess with creation of a sales order must started (---> done in badi INVOICE_UPDATE method CHANGE_BEFORE_UPDATE)

- Credit memo : under some conditions a invoice cancellation must been done

- Subsequent debit or credit : under some conditions not possible, so error message must been created.

So what i need in the badi or exit, is the value of the transaction/event (RM08M-VORGANG), and the possibility to stop the process and show an error message, or to go on with the process and create a sales order or invoice cancellation.

best regards,


by the way, i know all the standard answers on MIRO-exit questions, but this doesn't work so far.