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Former Member
Jul 31, 2007 at 11:23 AM

Undefined constructor and model nodes


Hi all !!

I have one custom controller SolicitudesViaje for which its internal counterpart says: "The constructor SolicitudesViaje(IPrivateSolicitudesViaje) is undefined"

The code inside the internal class where the problem is shown are the following lines:


  • Creates a new instance of this controller.


public InternalSolicitudesViaje( alterEgo) {

this.wdAlterEgo = alterEgo;


this.delegate = new SolicitudesViaje((IPrivateSolicitudesViaje) this); //***** This is the line with the problem


Another related problem is that my custom controller (SolicitudesViaje again) doesn't recognize the model nodes I have in it. But the other nodes are ok.

I've tried to rebuild the project with no success. Can anyone help??