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Jul 31, 2007 at 06:34 AM

Help: Urgent!!!!!!!


hi all

Our requirement is to display available stock details corresponding to warehouse No,, transfer order no, material no ,etc..

We are retrieving data from LTAP AND LTAK join and then we want available stock (VERME) data from LQUA,

We want to know how do we retrieve data from LQUA based on LGNUM & LQNUM.

We were able to get LGNUM from LTAP but we tried LTAP- VLQNR,/LTAP-NLQNR,/LTAP- RLQNR and compared the same with LQUA-LQNUM.

But the values were different and hence the query didn’t return any result.

Could anyone please help me to get the unique record from LQUA for each record retrieved from LTAK and LTAP join. Please let me know any link between the above tables.

points guaranted