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Jul 31, 2007 at 05:01 AM

ASSERTION_FAILED while activating the DSO


Hi All,

My project have been taken to BI 7(With support pack 10) from 3.1. I am trying to activate one DSO by just changing the description.The DSO had been created in 3.1. I am getting run time error. Pls find below the message in quotes:


Date and Time 25.07.200717:18:16

Short text

The ASSERT condition was violated.

What happened?

In the running application program, the ASSERT statement recognized a

situation that should not have occurred.

The runtime error was triggered for one of these reasons:

- For the checkpoint group specified with the ASSERT statement, the

activation mode is set to "abort".

- Via a system variant, the activation mode is globally set to "abort"

for checkpoint groups in this system.

- The activation mode is set to "abort" on program level.

- The ASSERT statement is not assigned to any checkpoint group.

Error analysis

The following checkpoint group was used: "No checkpoint group specified"

If in the ASSERT statement the addition FIELDS was used, you can find

the content of the first 8 specified fields in the following overview:

" (not used) "

" (not used) "

" (not used) "

" (not used) "

" (not used) "

" (not used) "

" (not used) "

" (not used) "

Trigger Location of Runtime Error

Program CL_RSAR_PSA===================CP

Include CL_RSAR_PSA===================CM006

Row 152

Module type (METHOD)


Source Code Extract

Line SourceCde

122 i_uni_idc25 = l_codeid

123 i_program_class = 'RSAR_ODS_MAINTAIN'


125 deletion_rejected = 2

126 OTHERS = 3.

127 ENDIF.

128 ENDIF.

129 UPDATE rstsods SET tstpnm = sy-uname

130 timestmp = l_s_ods-timestmp

131 userapp = p_userapp

132 userobj = p_userobj

133 maintprog = ''

134 WHERE odsname = l_s_odsfield-odsname

Has any one encountered the same.

help me out.

Thanks in advance.