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Former Member
Jul 31, 2007 at 12:10 AM

Material attributes in separate dimension?


Hi BW experts,

As a new member I have been looking for a similar topic but unfortunately I can't find anything on it so I was hoping one of you could help me out.

I want to redesign our stock/movement cube due to performance issues. One step is to have the 0MAT_PLANT as a separate (line-item) dimension as opposed to a charateristic of 0MATERIAL. I assume this will help a great deal since 0MAT_PLANT has over 8.5 M entries which does not really help to speed up any queries. (fact table has about 40M records)

Another thing is that I would like to create a separate dimension with 0MAT_PLANT navigational attributes like service level, ABC indicator etc. These fields are now in the material dimension and I reckon these nav attr blow up the dimension massively since one material has multiple service levels and ABC indicators. Can I just drag in these field into a new dimension, say Material Attributes and still have them in there as master data?!

In other words, can I create a dimension with only 0MAT_PLANT navigational attributes and what are the consequences of this?

Thanks heaps!