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Jul 30, 2007 at 05:53 PM

Getting Receiver Agreement issue in IDOC to File scenario


Hi Gurus,

Need your help. I'm working on a IDOC to File scenario. I'm using CREMDM.CREMDM04 as outbound Interface & small structure VEND_FILE_IN_MI as Inbound Interface. Though I've configured the receiver Communication Channel as a File Adapter with proper Inbound Interface I'm seeing the message getting failed which is showing CREMDM.CREMDM04 as both Outbound & Inbound interface and pointing a Receiver Agreement issue . The Receiver service is coming Properly, only the Interface is coming wrong as the sender interface. I've checked both Receiver Agreement & Receiver determination and found the Receiver Service, Communication Channel & Interface are perfectly mapped there, I cross checked the same Configurations in IE via SXI_CACHE after full Cache copy.

Error Message:

No receiver agreement found for sender -SAPERP to receiver -IDOC2FileReceiver,urn:sap-com:document:sap:idoc:messages

Error Category : Outbounding


My IR design:


Interface : VEND_IDOC_OUT_MI

Message Type : CREMDM.CREMDM04


Interface : VEND_FILE_IN_MI

Message Type : VEND_IN_MT , Data Type VEND_FILE_DT

My ID Config:

1. Sender / Outbound Message: Service Type --> Business System

Service ---> SAPERP

Interface--> VEND_IDOC_OUT_MI

Adapter Type : IDOC

2. Receiver / Inbound Message: Service Type --> Business Service

Service --> IDOC2FileReceiver

Interface ---> VEND_FILE_IN_MI

Adapter Type--> File

3. In Sender Agreement : Specified the Sender Communication Channel


4. In Receiver Agreement Configured the receiver service IDOC2FileReceiver aging sender service SAPERP & Interface VEND_IDOC_OUT_MI.

5. In Interface Determination Specified the Inbound Interface VEND_FILE_IN_MI and Interface Mapping VEND_IDOC_FILE_IMAP

6. In Receiver Agreement specified the receiver communication Channel IDOC2FileChannel against Receiver Service & Interface.

I used the Configuration wizard in my second attempt to make sure the sequence of configuration.

Can anyone help me identifying what's going wrong. I'm very new to XI and basically this is the first assignment I'm working on.