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PR creation for Sales Order not for Sales Qoutation


Can you help on how to set up the system on below mentioned scenario

Client Requirement :

Purchase Requisition(PR) must be created against those Sales Orders whose Sales Quotation are approved by customer(in other words - Sales Quotation which were accepted by end customer).

No PR must be generated for any sales quotation.

Can you help on how to achieve this & what config needs to done.

Thanks - Dave

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5 Answers

  • Aug 02, 2017 at 01:16 AM


    your scenario looks as a third party processing.

    Please, check the documentation that cover Third-Party Order Processing.

    =======Link Removed========

    I never used this scenario, but try to create copy from item category TAS and flag the Create PO Automatic. Should work.

    There are some configurations in MM side that must be completed to process works fine, and this could be checked in link bellow:

    Please inform if it help you.


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    • I doubt that setting the indicator will help in this case - it is used for ALE scenarios in TPOP to generate a purchase order in the background out of a purchase requisition, which is different from what the OP is tasked to do. By the way, there is a standard item category for third-party order processing with ALE - ALES, which is probably more suitable for copying (if needed).

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    Former Member
    Aug 02, 2017 at 05:42 AM

    Fausto - yes,you are correct ,i am talking abt 3rd party processing.

    The issue is, PR is created while Sales Quotation is generated, which business does not like.

    Business needs that PR must be generated only while creation of Sales Order (with ref to Quotation).

    Is this achievable, if yes what config changes are required to get desire result.

    Thanks again for your time & effort.

    appreciate it


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  • Aug 02, 2017 at 06:46 AM

    I am probably missing something important here - my understanding is that you need to set up order creation with mandatory reference to a quotation and in addition to that have user status setup for quotations, which prevents sales order creation until the approval is set (user status change, e.g. by a workflow).

    Of course, if the order is relevant for credit checks, PR can be generated only if the credit status is OK, which is something that you will probably want to have on top of what you described.

    If what I wrote is consistent with the business requirement, I cannot see any significant difficulties to achieve this.

    Maybe you could explain what you have done so far and with which parts of the business case you are struggling.

    There is a lot of documentation for workflow setup, status profiles in sales and third-party process configuration.

    P.S. As you seem to be struggling with PR generated for quotations - a small hint: third-party process is controlled by schedule lines on SD side, which means that you need to check what is currently assigned for the determined item categories in the quotations and most likely change the setup and/or the master data.
    Another point worth mentioning, is the ability to determine schedule lines via copy control in VTAA, which you seem to have skipped during the investigation process.

    I wonder whether you have tried comparing the standard setup for TPOP to what is currently used in your company. If you have not done that yet - this is the first thing that you need to do.

    If you suspect custom code interfering with the process - read the available project documentation/debug/use PRCAT.

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    Aug 02, 2017 at 05:34 PM

    Hi Vaselina,

    Thanks for your detailed explanation.

    Here is what needed

    1. Create Quotation .

    2. Print Out Quotation.

    3. Quotation sent to Customer via email.

    4. Customer agrees to terms & conditions.

    5. SO creation with ref to Quotation (approved or accepted by Customer from point 4).

    6. Credit Check & Credit check approval.

    7. PR must be created with reference to SO.

    8. Convert PR to PO.

    9. Receive good from PO as SO stock.

    10. Goods issue to Customer.

    11. Billing to Customer.

    12. AP Invoice from Vendor.

    13. Payment to Vendor & Receipt from Customer.

    Workflow has not been set-up and no plans for it in future.

    Master Data : Thirds Party materials has Item Cat. group as BANS (Third-party item)- If required will create a new Item Cat. group.

    Current process : PR is created when Quotation is created, automatic MRP run is executed by batch job which converts all open PR into PO.if customer does not agrees to term & conditions which takes couple of days, business needs to delete the PO but some time its too late as teh PO is printed & mailed to Vendors by Procurement team.

    Required : No PR generation at the time of Quotation creation.

    Can you suggest what config changes needs to be set up to make sure that PR is not created when Quotation (with specific Quotation order type) is created.

    Do revert

    - Dave

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    • This is not TPOP - third-party order processing means the goods do not arrive to you, but go directly from the vendor to the end customer (delivered on behalf of).

      You are describing Individual Purchase Orders. Read what this means and how it works here:

      What I have already outlined for item category setup, copy controls and schedule lines for quotations is still valid. For order setup check TAB item category/CB schedule line and OR order type.

      For quotations - study how the setup for QT/BANS is done - it is similar to what you need to have in your case.

  • Aug 05, 2017 at 09:57 PM

    Make another sales order type where reference to quotation should be mandatory and for that sales order type define a Z item category that is copy of TAB and not TAS as you are delivering goods to customer not the vendor is delivering so it delivery related priced and there is also special stock indicator set for order on hand which will result in procured goods to be reserved for specific sales order. Also Z item category is assigned to new sale order type only. If you create a sales order with reference to quotation use Z type other wise use old type where there is no quotation reference required. Assign same number range to both order types if you want same number. Keep in mind you make schedule line relevant for delivery and for that use schedule line category CB and set it to Z item category through determination. In CB schedule line category there is movement type and it is relevant for delivery as well. Item category is standard and not third party and account assignment category is M which allows goods to be procured without consuming them at procurement.

    hope this helps.


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