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Former Member
Jul 30, 2007 at 03:47 PM

How to synchronize equal attributes in different taxonomies??


Hallo all,

within our project, we discovered a rather complex problem: we are using several taxonomies like eCl@ss and ETIM. Each Taxonomy provides a large set of attributes which can be linked to the taxonomy hierarchies.

The problem we are facing is that these taxonomies often use similar attributes, like for example "length". This leads to the situation that there are several attributes of the same meaning for one main table record although one product naturally has only one value. Is it possible to "re-use" taxonomy attributes and/or repository fields in more than one taxonomy? (If this can be achieved using an alternative to taxonomies, this is fine!)

If one attribute value changes (for example the length or width of something), we don't want our users to have to change the value of many fields...

Short: MDM enables us to remove duplicate records but forces us to create duplicate attributes/fields! How can that be?!

Any suggestions/ideas?

Thanks a lot and best regards,

Martin Imme