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Aug 01, 2017 at 06:01 PM

Dataflow - Automatically read from multiple text file


I have multiple text files generated from different system.
I have currently created multiple dataflows in BODS to read those files and set them to populate in a single table. All the dataflows have been set to run in parallel.
So whenever a new file is placed, i replicate the dataflow and change the file location and name(All files and path have standard naming convention).
I'm trying to automate this setup by maintaining certain parameters in a table and the job will automatically pick the text files and read them.
We can achieve this by means of While Loop but we cannot set them to run in Parallel. The reason i want to achieve parallel execution here is that, there are lots of dataflows that are available. Running them sequentially will take lot of time.
How can i handle this situation ?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.