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Jul 30, 2007 at 01:35 PM

Variant Configuration, pricing at 'config' level not at 'characteristic'


Hey guys,

I am currently working on Variant Configuration and that works fine, including pricing. Current we have assigned the pricing dependency procedures at characteristic level. So if some chooses characteristic 'x' it has the dependency procedure: $self.YSURCHARGE = 'A4'

('ysurcharge' is the name of my surcharge characteristic)

Like I said, this works fine as long as you use this in ECC but when I create a knowledge base object and a runtime (it needs to be replicated to CRM) I get the following error:

<i>Procedure 0000000114 to Characteristic YCPU - value not supported

Message no. VSCE357


The procedure is assigned to a characteristic or characteristic value.

System response

The procedure is not copied to the knowledge base.


Assign the dependency to the configuration profile, and add a suitable condition such as IF SPECIFIED <characteristic>.</i>

So what I need to do is assign my dependency to the configuration profile instead of the characteristic and I need to change the code for that.

<b>Now my question:</b>

<b>How should my coding have to look when I maintain pricing for Variant Config at configuration profile level instead of characteristic level?</b>