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Aug 01, 2017 at 02:04 PM

Webi RESTful SDK: Schedule with Dynamic Prompts


BIP 4.2 SP3 Patch 8 on Windows

RESTful Web Services SDK on Java

I am writing a program to automatically reschedule failed reports. I can successfully reschedule any report with no parameters. I can also successfully reschedule Crystal reports. I can reschedule Webi report that have prompts as long as none of them are dynamic.

However, my client has a lot of Webi reports that have dynamic prompts - specifically an "as of" date that limits the amount of data returned - and while I am able to schedule these, they all fail with various messages, depending on what I'm doing with that parameter. Here's what I've tried:

Keep the parameter:

- Leave the value tag that has "#Dynamic Value". Report fails with "member cannot be null".

- Take out the value tag for the dynamic prompt. Report fails with "An internal error occurred while calling 'answerPromptsEx' API".

- The error above also occurs when I take out the values and answer tags.

- Put a valid date in the value. Report fails with "member cannot be null".

Remove the prompt tag for the dynamic prompt: The report runs until it times out and throws an error from the database. No date value appears in the prompts on the history screen, so I don't think it's being dynamically generated.

What do I need to be doing to get these reports to schedule correctly?