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Jul 30, 2007 at 12:09 PM

Enhanced Interface Determination?


Hi All,

I have a scenario where i need to do a header validation . if validation succeeds i have to map source to target data and sent to SAP system. if validation fails i need to map source to error data and sent it to MQ system.

I am using enhanced receiver determination for selecting proper receiver based on the header validation. but in this case inspite of failed header validation there is no error message in SXMB_MONI...

what i wanted is that when header validation fails , error message should be displaced in moni and also a error message (xml ) should be sent to MQ system.

for implemention the above mentioned feature , i took another message mapping and interface mapping where i am explicitly throwing error -- Repository work.

In configuration , i just create one more receiver determination with new message type and in existing interface determination , i added the additional interface mapping ( throwing error ).

due to above changes , i am getting three message in Moni.. if header validation fails.

1. which indicated that there is message splitting.

2. one successful message ( source to error xml file ) to be sent to MQ system.

3. error message where i am explicitly throwing error .

can we have a situation where we have only one error message in moni and also the error is sent to MQ system?..

i guess there is some feature in interface determination.. what is enhaced interface determination..

I hope i am clear with my requirement..

Ranjeet Singh...