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Disc base amount different

Hello SD experts,

I have very few third party billing documents where Disc base amount comes differently.

Ex: In billing net header net value + tax = Disc base amount

We can see below one in billing - accounting- double click on account.

But in my case, user is getting different amount in disc base for very few documents.

I want to know how we can map to change the value in Disc base vale in accounting.

Thanks a lot


capture.png (6.0 kB)
capture.png (6.0 kB)
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  • Your question requires additional information. Please make sure that your question outlines the steps you took to find information. This way members will know that you searched and were unable to find what you needed.
    You may also want to include screenshots of what you're seeing, to help members further understand the issue. And please provide some additional details like the value at item level, pricing procedure details, whether the issue is for all billing documents or only in one billing document, etc., as the question is fairly short.

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