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Jul 30, 2007 at 10:47 AM

Japanese texts and Excel Download


Hello All,

We have an application in which we allow the users to download the displayed data in excel.

We are using the JXL methodology for downloading the data to Excel.

The name of the excel file is being fetched from R/3 and we just append .xls to the string that we are getting from R/3.

The excel download and the file names works fine if the data coming from r/3 is english.

If the data is in Japanese , then we have an issue:

The users see the name correctly on the screen, but when he clicks the link to open a po up box appears asking him if wishes to save or open the file.

If he clicks on save button then the name changes from standard file name to some random file name and the file is not saving in .xls format.

But if the user tries to open the same file with Microsoft excel then it is opening fine and the data as well is displayed fine.

Can some body please explain why the name changes and if we would like to retain the name then what steps are


Thanks and Regards

Pradeep Bhojak