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Jul 30, 2007 at 10:05 AM

getlist & getdetail mapping


I have the requirement where user click the synckey, it will links to the detail page.

so getlist display the overview of the customer

eg: customer code , name

detail page display

eg: customer code, name , telephone, country

getlist & getdetail Mapping

i have a scenario like this




[nothing to map]


[customerid , name]





EXPORT <b>disabled</b>

[the detail data is here eg: customer id,name, telephone no, city,country]


[nothing to match]

GetList have Import and Tables, in Tables , i click on the customerid,name,

but in the GetDetail, all the detail data is in export but the Export is disabled.

i have nothing to mapped with,

when i try to deploy an run the Mi application the first screen which is getlist , the data appear there is same as getdetail.

the EXPORT is disabled

when i try to run the function getlist / getdetail in R3 it returns the result as expected.

It is because the mapping problem.



GetDetail-Export (disabled-cannot map)

GetDetail-Table [nothing to map]

pls advice .....

i will clarify further if you don't understand...

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