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Project Management - Sales Procedure

Aug 01, 2017 at 06:25 AM


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Dear All,

Can anybody explain me the sales process in project management? I have created sales order, add some items and assign it to the project task. I need to plan material for this sales order, but customer demand is not generated automatically. To generate customer demand I need to manually add the items also in Materials in Project. After that I am able to create Project Stock Order and Run planning. Is this correct procedure? Is somehow possible to copy Items from Sales Order to Project Materials automatically?

Thank you for your help in advance.



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1 Answer

Otfried von Geisau
Aug 01, 2017 at 04:23 PM

Hi Marian,

as usual the question is: What comes first:The project or the sales order?

I would expect that the more complex the planning is the higher is the probability that you will start with project planning. Here, you would plan work, expenses and materials. Once you know what the project is going to cost you, you can determine the sales price and then - currently only manually! - create a sales order with the required items and link the sales order items to project tasks.

If, however, you sell projects that are more standard-like and you know what the price needs to be you can get started creating the sales order with its items first. When you make sure that all item types are project-related (service/expense - T&M project or fixed price or product - project based), you would then be able to let the system generate a project according to simple criteria. In this case, the material would also find its way into the project - same as the services. Still, in the project you have to decide if you order the material or obtain it from stock and create a project stock order.

One entry point from a documentation perspective could be searching for "Sourcing Material from Stock for Projects" in the ByD help.

Best regards

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Hi Otfried,

thank you very much for quck answer. It was very helpful.

Best regards,