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Jul 31, 2017 at 06:00 PM

FI -PCA balance mismatch


My client is facing a issue in FI-PCA wherein the balance is not correctly transfered after a cleared document is reset and then again clearing activity was done. below are the steps

1. I tried to clear FY17 period 1 to 3 and then period 4 to 6 entries in vendor account in transaction code F-44 with clearing date 31.07.2017. Two clearing document generated:

2 . Later, I realised these two clearing document were posted in FY18. Then I reset the items cleared by these two document in transaction code FBRA.

3. We did a FI-PCA transfer and FI balanced to PCA.

4. After reset the above documents and the FI to PCA transfer, I cleared the same open items in transaction F-44 again but this time with clearing date 28.07.2017.

5. I then executed transaction code GCAC and found FI did not balance to PCA and then executed transaction code F.5D and 1KEK to transfer FI balance to PCA. But the balance in vendor reconciliation GL account did not transfer

Please suggest a solution