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Jul 30, 2007 at 07:56 AM

Dynamic File Name - Suppress the Substitue varible


Hi All,

I am doing the scenarios like File name at the recevier end would be dynamic for that i take an extra field NAME mapped with UDF which return the file name dynamically. It is working fine and doing good. But the problem here is , this field is the first field in my target structure so i am getting an empty line in the target file.

So My structure as follows:

<b>MT_BNK01 1..1

NAME 1..1

RECORD 0..Unbound

--Record_data 0..Unbound</b>

So in the recever side i written as follows

Recordset Structure:: RECORD

<b>RECORD.fieldSeparator = 'nl'

RECORD.endSeparator = 'nl'</b>

But according to this weblog i can suppress the empty line but it is not working


means, NAME is also in the same level of RECORD in the Structure. So How can i pass the structure as ??

I tried to pass the RecordSet Structure: NAME,RECORD

and following parameters, it is not working

<b>NAME.fieldFixedLength =0

NAME.fieldLengthTooShortHandling = Cut</b>

Can you please suggest me what could be the reason. Tell me what information i need to pass the RecordSet Structure and attrubute information also.

One more thing like, My sender side it is not picking the empty lines. What could be the reason. I given fieldSeparator and endSeparator as 'nl'. So to catch the empty line what i need to do???

Thanks in Advance,

Best Regards,