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Jul 30, 2007 at 07:36 AM

Authorization Variable values in BEX.


Hi all,

I have a report with an authorization object (for example 0COUNTRY) restricted to an authorization variable.

The object restricts the report according to the user's role. I want a user, with multiple country authorization, to be able to run the report on a few countries that he is authorized to see. For example he is authorized to see US DE FR & CH, and wants to run the report on DE & FR.

So, I created the authorization variable "Ready for Input", but now when the user runs the report he <b>can insert</b> other values but when he click on the options he can choose from (F4),<b>he can't see the texts</b> (DE - Germany, FR - France) and he gets the message:

<b>"BRAIN655 - No values available or not authorized to display"</b>

Full points for the answer promised.

Many thanks, Yaniv.