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Link calculated field from HANA view to field in Virtual InfoProvider

Aug 03, 2017 at 09:16 AM


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Hi Experts,

we have following problem:

LIFNR - from HANA view on ACDOCA is linked to filed VENDOR in Virtual Infoprovider.

Since the LIFNR is not always filled in ACDOCA, we have created a calculated column "VENDOR_NEW" in HANA view as a simple if statement.

Now we want to remap field VENDOR in Virtual Infoprovider to "VENDOR_NEW" from HANA view, but also somehow keep the MD from LIFNR.

Could anyone assist please?



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Former Member Aug 11, 2017 at 08:06 AM

Hi Tomas,

With an assumption, that you have added new calculated column to the existing HANA view which is mapped to virtual provider.

Why don't you try another calculated column OR even in the same calc col. Having a logic, if (Vendor_new is blank) then LIFNR OR VENDOR_NEW.

Later remove the mapping of LIFNR to VENDOR in virtual provider and replace with this new calc column.

Just in case if you have already solved, then please share the solution.



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Hi Umashankar,

thanks for your reply, basically it worked as you proposed, data are loaded from new calculated column and master data remains the same.

activity list:

1. new calculated column Z_VENDOR_NEW with formula (if("GKOAR"='K',"GKONT","LIFNR")) created in hana view FCO_ACDOCA.

2. in virtual provider field LIFNR demapped and Z_VENDOR_NEW mapped to ZVENDOR.

3. mapping in ZVENDOR master data kept untouched to FCO_VENDOR.