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Why does the aggregation from HANA calculation view not carry over into Lumira?

Aug 03, 2017 at 06:40 AM


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My aggregation types in my HANA server (version do not carry over to Lumira (Desktop 1.31.7) when the Calculation view is loaded through HANA Database source.

I found this about lumira from the user guide " Restrictions for Connecting to SAP HANA When connected to an SAP HANA online data source, the following restrictions apply: ● The Change Aggregation action that is typically available for each measure in the Measures and Dimensions panel is not available. "

Also I am not able to change the aggregation on Lumira Desktop. Can someone tell me why this is the case and how I can get the aggregations i want (average)

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So I've come across this related problem:

When I add the measure Height, and dimension ICD1, the average height is given, as expected.

but as soon as i use a filter to remove the 0s or blanks the measure becomes a sum and not an average of the remaining.


Is this an online HANA connection or?


The connection is to an "online" remote HANA DB. I'm not sure what you mean by "online", but the connection is live.


Hi - thank you for these details; I would submit an incident with SAP Support at - I can't find anything and I agree the aggregations should carry over.

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1 Answer

Ludek Uher
Aug 11, 2017 at 10:31 PM

Answered in the following KBA:

2517067 - Hana aggregation options different or missing when query used in Lumira Desktop

- Ludek

Senior Support Engineer AGS Product Support, Global Support Center Canada

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So you are saying these behaviors are by design. Hana online connectivity does not support changing the aggregation type -- Will it in 2.0?


Hi, Ludek,

Thanks for pointing out the above. I am also interested in hearing any suggestions for an actual solution to this, as it caught me by surprise.

There are many measures for which it is almost never useful to have 'sum' aggregation, for example: price or temperature.

I am surprised Lumira cannot manage these with a live connection, considering HANA supports pushdown of aggregation, and the fact that the calc views are explicitly set to AVG aggregation.

So if Lumira does not support this, please could you suggest how we might model the calc view differently, or any other alternative method to produce the kinds of visualisations which are actually useful with these measures?

Please could you help us understand the reasoning behind this 'by design' restriction?

Kind Regards.


I'm also in for updates on this...