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Jul 30, 2007 at 04:43 AM

Query regarding IN_UPDATE method of HRPAD00INFTY



I am working on a customer project. The system is ECC 6.0 System with HR 6.00 .

I am sorry I do not have enough data in my system to test this case and that's why I am asking for this clarification. My requirement is like this...

Whenever a specific InfoType action is carried out from Transaction PA40, then I have to check if the infotype data was <b>really changed</b> and then trigger a business object event to start a workflow

For this I am using BADI HRPAD00INFTY Method IN_UPDATE. I need to compare the specific fields in the older record before change (OLD_IMAGE) with the updated record after change (NEW_IMAGE) and if there is a change then I am calling the function module to raise the event.

Now my question is , does the OLD_IMAGE only contain the specific infotype record (1 record) which is being changed through PA40 or does it contain the entire history of records (multiple records) for the infotype as they exist currently on the database

I have a similar question regarding NEW_IMAGE internal table

Now if the OLD_IMAGE and NEW_IMAGE contain only the specific record(s) which are actually changed, then my logic becomes simpler or else I have to put more thought into this.

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