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Jul 30, 2007 at 03:24 AM

negaive payslip and payroll journal


Hi All,

I'm facing problem with the negative payslip. An employee resigned after the actual payroll run was done. So we need to get back some amount from him for the extra days and some due amounts. So we did the offcycle run for this employee. The offcylce run was correct and the net pay was in negative as expected. But the problem occured when we generated the payroll journal. An additional entry came in the deductions side called "claims from previous month" with a value equal to the outstanding negative amount. So in the payroll journal the amount becomes almost double. I know that, when ever the netpay is negative, for the next month, the payslip and payroll journal will have this amount. But in this case it appeared in the same month and only in payroll journal and not in payslip. is it something to do with offcyce run? Or is it a system limitation.

Please help me ..