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Former Member
Jul 29, 2007 at 04:13 PM

MARA-BRGEW is defined as a required field; it does not contain an entry???


Hi Experts,

Am trying to create materials thru LSMW--->IDoc, so at "IDOC Processing" step, am getting in error, like,

"No data could be selected" i.e. The message ID and # is B1083 i.e. b1 message class 083 #

At "IDOC Overview" step, under status 51 showing the message is "MARA-BRGEW(Gross Weight) is missed", but am sending and even am seeing at " Display Converted data" step!

(in next steps, the programmer has written the ABAP code for passing the MARA-BRGEW value thru Batch Input BDC method for MM02!

But, basically, the IDOC i.e. material it self not creating, so, obviuosly the MM02 BDC is not working)

So, pls clarify, Why the IDOC is not processing i.e. why the message is coming?