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Jul 29, 2007 at 03:47 PM

Question about Programming Notes for WD Abap / Context



Since an instance of the follow-on view has not yet been created, you must now decide whether to configure a component controller context with an appropriate mapping, or whether to fetch and check the data in an auxiliary class first and only pass it to the context of the follow-on view after navigation is completed. An application developer would, of course, prefer to use the context mapping method; using an auxiliary class, however, improves performance significantly.


Hello all,

If a fetch the data with auxiliary class, in which method do i fill the context of view after view is shown? The context of controller is mapped to view. Must it be done in supply function? But supply function is only one and i want to use a single context node for different views.

Another question. Does it make sense to fetch the data for a certain follow-on view

although navigation to this view will be definied late in a window?