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Question ABAP Dumps

Hi All,

I want to know if there is an existing table or report which tells us the functional module of the Abap Dump, means these Abap dumps belongs to SD, and these belongs to procurement etc.,

If there is no existing table or report for this requirement, is it possible to create a table or report for the same, if so how?



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2 Answers

  • Aug 02, 2017 at 07:10 PM

    No, not really.

    You could I suppose read the name of that dumped and find it's component in TADIR. The main dump table is SNAP. It might help, but this information will be unreliable at best, and misleading at worst. I tried something like this once and gave up. This is because many dumps are by their very nature quite technical and often raised within basis or UI components, and even more often from Z-code.

    It was far easier to do it manually in Excel, starting with the most frequent ones. The top 10 will usually be 90% of the dumps and it doesn't take long to create a lookup for such a small number.

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    • As Mike said, the short dumps are stored in table SNAP, but in a compressed format.

      If you still want to try, to read the short dumps in a readable form, use function module RS_ST22_GET_FT. You'll get the information of the program in the "AP", "AL", "AI" lines. Transaction code in the "TC" line. Call stack in the "ES" lines. Etc. From the program name or transaction code, you may get the package in table TADIR, then get the package application component in tables TDEVC + DF14L. df14l~ps_posid is the application_component. The join condition between TDEVC and DF14L is tdevc~component = df14l~fctr_id.

  • Aug 02, 2017 at 09:25 PM

    Thank you!

    In SNAP I see only some fields, but when I go to st22, there are many fields like Transaction ID,WP Index. May I know from which table, these fields are coming from.

    and once click on the dump, we see the details of the dump. That details will be stored in a file and in some path. I want to know the path of that file stored in.


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