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Jul 29, 2007 at 06:35 AM

answer this q's plz


Hi i have soe intervw q's..plz answer..marks wud be given for the right answers..not for the links.plz...

1...i have 2 int table..int1 and int2..int1 has 1000 records..and fields r A B C

int2 has 0 records..and has fields B & C..

now i have to move 1000 record from int1 to int2..move corresponding fields stmnt is nt the right answer..wen it comes to performance..plz can anybody suggest me the right answer.

2. I hv 2 fields in my flat file..ex.

1 abhishek

2 anand

3 savitha..

after i upload this to database using bdc..i want the data in the form of


0002 ANAND

0003 SAVITHA..all incaps...

hw can i do this?

3...hw to find the idoc form the data..ex.if i enter mat nr..i should get idoc list for that particluar no..hw is dat..not by we02 or we05..i need the right answer?

4.can we use open dataset for presentation server as it is used only for application s/v....if nt y?

5.i created an idoc..changed it and after an hour i deleted will dat idoc still exist?

6.wats the diff b/w rstxldmc and directly inserting logo using insert command..any diff.

7...hw can i have 2 diff blocks in a single report using ALv?

plz guys no lonks...

waiting for ur reply and to give points.