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Jul 27, 2007 at 06:55 PM

Only ALV list spool number is saved in the job log


I have a program that generated two spools, 1st is a regular list with Write statement, 2nd one is an ALV grid list. When the program is executed in batch job, <b>the job log only show the last spool request number.</b> (i.e. the ALV grid)

If I changed the sequence and made the ALV grid to display first, the job log still only shows the spool number for the ALV grid only, but when clicking the spool request display button on SM37, it actually displays the 2nd one (i.e. the non-ALV list).

I checked table TBTCP, it only has the last spool request number as well for both cased. <u>In conclusion, the job log always only show the ALV list spool request number</u> and the TBTCP only show the latest spool request. Does anyone know how to get both spool request into the job log?

If the lists are generated by different steps in a job then both spool will be saved in job log but not the case when both output are within the same step of a job.

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