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Jul 27, 2007 at 05:35 PM

BPM Collect Pattern.


Hi Experts !

I am trying to implement this scenario.

Source File Adapter -

Message - Vendor # - Material # [Only one material ]

Pattern : Collect Pattern

Key for Correlation - Vendor #

Message collection in Loop for a counter of 3 Messages.

Target file on Directory to be created using file adapter should be of this structure:

<Header> 1.1



<Items> 1..Unbounded

<Material>Matl1 <Material/>




When collect messages into a multiline container it will be based on source message. The multiline container will be looking like this:

vendor# Material#

vendor# Material#

vendor# Material#

after all the three records are collected.

What mapping from this point is required to get the output explaine above.

Please mention whether it is a step outside BPM or inside BPM.

When system encounters a multiline container does it process each message at a time or is the mapping applied to all the messages at a time.

Thanks in advance..