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Former Member
Jul 27, 2007 at 04:27 PM

Problem in No screen mode for BDC's


He i'm using BDC's to update some data in the tcode.I'm the subroutine's of recording transaction i'm calling the

'Call transaction 't-code' using pmode update 'S'.

if the above statement is true then i'm performing bdc_transaction for the same t-code.The problem here is pmode(is parameter 'A' , 'N' , 'E')when i'm giving 'A' its the data is uploading correctly with all screen mode but when i'm using No screen mode the statement call transaction is turning false ie sy-subrc not zero and under this i've return a error message......if the call transaction statement is turning true and sy-subrc = 0 then it should go to perform bdc_transaction....this is working fine with 'A' but turing down when i'm giving 'N'......any suggestions.....why its hapening.....

Thanks in Advance