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Jul 27, 2007 at 02:08 PM

Allocation Function in BW BPS?


I need to do some allocations, but my client has installed BW/BPS rather than SEM/BPS. I wonder if there is anyone who has been able to install the SEM functions on a BW/BPS system? If so, please provide the detailed steps to accomplish the same. Alternativley, a good example of a Cost Center Allocation in FOX would be great. My allocation scenario is as follows. 3 Sending Cost Centers and two Receiving Cost Centers. I need to allocate 67% of the total costs ( All Cost Elements) for the three Sending Cost Centers. So, 33% of the costs will remain with the Sending Cost Centers. The two Receiving Cost Centers will each receive 33% of the allocation costs for a total of 66%.

Thank you,