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Aug 01, 2017 at 03:51 PM

Freight cost calculation based on quantity



I was trying to find a solution for the following requirement myself with no success. Maybe someone had something similar and can advise on how to fulfill it.


Shipment cost calculation on delivery level based on pallet quantity.


Shipment document 1000001 contains 2 deliveries which will go to different customers.

Delivery1 - 8 pallets. Transportation zone destination ZZ01.

Delivery2 - 3 pallets. Transportation zone destination ZZ02.

Tariff depends on transportation zone and quantity of pallets. Means we need pallets quantity as a scale base.

Calculated cost for Delivery1 is 8*10 EUR = 80 EUR

Calculated cost for Delivery2 is 3*12 EUR = 24 EUR

Total freight cost for the document is 104 EUR.

I created a condition type with Scale base - quantity

Calc. Base - Delivery

Calculation Type quantity.

When creating shipment cost document, quantity on delivery level is not populated. Also there is an error message related to quantity conversion.