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Jul 27, 2007 at 04:19 AM

DTR import fails on MSSQL Database: Urgent!!


Hi Guys,

1. we have been trying to import ESS/MSS SCAs into NWDI. We have been getting some problems in CMS, CBS and DTR. We decided to apply the note "985821 DTR Import Hangs on MSSQL Database". As per the note, created a client in DTR. when logging to the client in NWDS, I could not log in. I am getting the following error.

<b>FAILED: Getting workspaces for server http://<host name>.<domain name>:50000/dtr/ failed. => http://<hostname>.<domain name>:50000/dtr/</b>

<b>Getting VFS manager for client ConfigClient failed: Get workspaces from repository http://<hostname>.<domain name>:50000/dtr/ failed</b>

I have spent lot of time searching all the threads. had any body faced this error before. what are the watchpoints?

2. I have also checked the logs after the import of the SCAs is failed.

CBS LOG is as follows:

<b>An incompleted Integration has been detected: BS:31 SC:641 is locked by 68 for Integration! Initialization request 197 has been created


CMS Log is as follows:

<b> communication error: CBS exception received: Read timed out (Service call exception; nested exception is: Read timed out)</b>

I do not know whether I am doing the right thing by implementing the 985821. But the goal is to import the ESS scas into NWDI.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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