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Approved vendors in SAP MM?

Aug 02, 2017 at 02:11 PM


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We recently had a raw material supplier change and the new supplier has a different shelf life. However QA was not kept in the loop and the new vendor started being used while the material master still showed the old shelf life. Aside from having a better process for rolling out new vendors, can this be prevented in SAP so that we can catch something like this in the future? My thought was that a material could have a list of approved vendor numbers associated with it and if that number isn't on the list then it generates an error when they try to create the batch. Is that possible? Any other suggestions?



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3 Answers

Jürgen L
Aug 02, 2017 at 06:54 PM

The simplest solution for an approved vendor list would be the source list.

You set the source list requirement in the material and then you can't order at any vendor which is not included in your source list.

More quality focus can be achieved with quality info records and tiered approval levels

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Nic Teunckens Aug 02, 2017 at 06:48 PM

Consider the info in SAP-KBA's for additional checks on Blocked Vendors in Purchasing, such as 2085005 / 2053784 (in combination with SAP QM) / 64440 / 67341

Another approach would be using BAdI's in the "Material Batch" - Process. See this Blog for some BAdI / UserExits ...

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Bijay Kumar Barik Aug 03, 2017 at 10:06 AM

You can use one concept- Use EXIT_SAPMF02K_001 for any new vendor creation will be blocked and then you can release as and when required.


You can use another concept- Define and Add sensitive field for vendor master in configuration; create new vendor and then release when needed in transaction code FK08

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