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Former Member
Jul 26, 2007 at 03:06 PM

My rant about standard of questions and answers


Hi All,

I just wanted to have a bit of a rant about the standard of postings, specifically in the ABAP-General forum (but usually across the whole site.)

Every day hundreds of questions are asked and so many of them are completely simple, pointless questions. Maybe someone is going for a job and they have been given a technical questionnaire to complete first. This is annoying and is watering down the content and value of the forum for people who have genuine issues and need help. Sometimes people are just plain lazy and want a program written for them. Quite often people claim to have a task to do that they don't know how to do (I don't mean they are a bit stuck with a complicated part of it, I mean they don't have a clue where to even start.)

Now, all of this is quite annoying. To be honest, it indicates to me there is a massive market somewhere in the world for people to "pretend" to be SAP consultants. So many posts ask for interview help, example resumes, etc... If someone knows how to do something then they should be able to get a job on their own. Why do we continually see people asking for help in a job/role that they obviously cannot do?!

I work in the UK where there is a move to outsource large parts of the IT industry to less expensive parts of the world. I’ll be honest, it really upsets me to think that potentially I could be losing my job to someone who doesn’t really know what they are doing…

What annoys me even more is the people who actually reply to these questions with example code, resumes, sending documentation, etc... There are people on these forums with thousands and thousands of points, mostly gained by sending documents or answering fundamental questions that really shouldn’t have been asked in the first place. No-one seems to want to suggest to the question asker that they may search, use the F1 key on an ABAP command, search Google, nevermind search previous SDN postings! Everyone is too wrapped up in getting points. I noticed someone the other day (don’t know who specifically, it doesn’t really matter) who had only joined SDN in the past month or so yet had about 900 points. Of course, they might have transferred in from another user and got the points across but either way, I looked at a few of their answers and wondered how the hell they had so many points! I admit, I don’t have that many points even though I’ve been on SDN for some time (this is actually my 2nd ID – I had no points at all for years with my last one!) But then, I don’t really care about getting points – I want to get help and give help (if/when it is deserved.)

I realise everyone has to start somewhere and ask questions, even if they are very simple. I just wish the answers to these questions were better and focused on helping the person to learn and help themselves instead of just looking for points.

I’m beginning to think this site would be so much better if there was no rewards scheme in place… And I’d love to see a lot more moderation in the forums. I’d love to see the “please send me document xyz” threads closed straight away but realise this takes a lot of effort to police. Do the SDN team have any plans to increase moderation of the forums in line with the increase in users?

Anyway, rant over 😊 I’m sure I’ll get lots of different replies to this (I hope I do!) as I’d love to know what other regular users of SDN think.