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Aug 02, 2017 at 11:47 AM

Design Studio complex selection



i have a simple Bex Query with just 0SALES_GRP and 0AMOUNT as Key Figure(set to "Hide - can be shown").

0SALES_GRP is restricted by an authorization variable.

The Query is the Datasource for a Crosstab in a Design Studio Application.

The Application has a Button to open the variable prompt and a Filterpanel.

When i open the Application everything ist fine. The 0SALES_GRP is set by the authorization variable and visible in the Filterpanel.

Now i click on the button for the variable prompt and just press ok without changing anything the Filterpanel now shows "Complex selection" for the 0SALES_GRP.

The selection for the 0SALES_GRP is now the sales group from the authorization and a list of all the Key Figure IDs in the Query?!

If i set the Key Figure to "Always Show" or "Always hide" - it works.

It took Quite some time to drill down the problem to this simple example - i have no idea what's happening. No Javascript involved.

Design Studio 16.4.1 on Netweaver 7.4 SP9