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Function Group

Hi Gurus,

Could anyone provide details regarding the following functional groups?





Mention some of the Functional groups which are important in SD.



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2 Answers

  • Jul 26, 2007 at 09:58 AM

    Hi Gurus,

    I got the answers.But it would be better if any one could interpret the information

    SCVO- Measurement Units Conversion

    Functional Module Name is:

    CONVERSION_FACTOR_GET -Measurement unit conversion: Get measurement unit conversion factor .

    UNIT_CONVERSION_SIMPLE -Measurement unit conversion by table T006, with rounding


    MAME:Mat. Master: Determine Units of Measure

    Functional module name is MATERIAL_UNIT_CONVERSION :

    Material quantity conversion from Base Unit of Measure to Alternative Unit of Measure and vice versa.


    For Dimensionless Units of Measure (Each, Piece, Box etc.) conversion depends on the given Material (see table MARM). For other Units of Measure (Length, Weigth etc.) conversion can be calculated from the T006 table or via CONVERSION_FACTOR_GET.



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    Former Member
    Jul 26, 2007 at 10:14 AM

    Dear Sarosh,

    MAME - Mat. Master: Determine Units of Measure uses function pool SAPLMAME

    SCVU - Measurement units: Conversion, F4 help uese function pool SAPLSCVU

    BTCH - Background processing uses function pool SAPLBTCH

    Few of SD function groups:

    V05D SD Document Views for Printing Forms

    V05L SD Delivery Due Date Views

    V05M SD Sales Document Reporting

    V45A SD Functions for Copying Documents

    V45AIP AIP: Sales Order

    V45B Mass Changes to Sales Documents


    V45C SD Copying Functions

    V45CU SLS Functions for Connection Config.

    V45D CHDO VERKBELEG => Gen. by RSSCD000

    V45E SD Functions for Sched. Line Processing

    V45F SD Functions for Document Incompletion

    V45G SD Business Area Determination

    V45H Resource-Related Billing

    V45I Read Sales Document Tables

    V45K Sales Order Processing Functions

    V45L Scheduling Agreement Processing

    V45L_CF APO Planning Sales Sched. Agrmt.: Check

    V45L_OC Outbound Calls Delivery Schedules

    V45L_SI Sample Interfaces Delivery Schedules

    V45M Functions for SD / MM Integration

    V45M_01 Reference function group for V45M

    V45P SD Functions for Item Processing

    V45S SD: F4 Search helps (new)

    V45U SD Update Sales Tables

    V45V SD Update of General SD Tables

    V45W SD Save Contract Data

    V45X SD Update Contract Data

    V46B Workflow functions

    V46G Contract grouping

    V46H Generate sales documents from dyn. item

    V46R Repairs processing

    V46V Value contract functions

    VBAK Business Object Sales Document




    VBAP Field assignment modules for SD BAPIs

    VDAT Date Conversion

    VEHS Environment, Health and Safety

    VMSS Message Collector

    VMSV Variable Messages

    VPV1 Product Proposal Customizing

    VPVA Product Proposal in Order Processing

    VTXC Text Edit-Control

    VWT0 Workflow - Tools for SD

    W45A Retail functions in sales order

    W45B Reading Sales Tables with Buffer

    V05H SD Billing Index Views

    V05T SD SD Document Accesses

    V05X SD Billing Views Reporting

    V20C ===> Object VCNUM , generated by

    V60A Billing

    V60B SD-FI Interface

    V60C read linked objects for billing document

    V60D ===> Object FAKTBELEG , generated by

    V60E Billing Document Update

    V60F Billing Plan

    V60P Add. Functions for Delivery, Billing




    V60U Billing Update

    V81F Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)



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