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Hi any body can explain me about how doc pricing procedure and customer pricing procedure help in determining pricing...?

If suppose we defined RVAA01procedure. Using this usually how many determininations we do with the combinations of cus.pric.proced and doc. pric.proced and sales areas....?

In my case i have 6 sales areas. can i go for combine sales area and assign the pricing procedure to it.?

pls anwser my questions in details?

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3 Answers

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    Jul 26, 2007 at 08:04 AM


    If you check the pricing determination it is done based on

    Sales areaDoppCopp=Pricing procedure.

    So now in your case you can have any number of combination depending on how many document types you have to use.Each one if having different Dopp then combination will increase.

    How many customer pricing procedure you use and define.

    Same way the combinations will increase.

    Normally customer pricing procedure remains same as 1 (Standard)

    and depending on document ytpe and scenario for which it is to be used,we define diffreent pricing procedure if required and do the determination.

    Reward points if useful


    Amrish Purohit

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      Hi amrish,

      u said we use differenet procedures for different scenarios na.

      Eg:-Pricing procedure will be different for normal domestics sales

      Different for export sales

      Different for contracts etc.

      Can u also name some procedures we use for specific different scenarios like ICAA01 for intercompany sales.

      what procedures can we use for the examples mentioned by u.

      Pls answer me.

      thanks in advance

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    Jul 26, 2007 at 08:06 AM

    Hi Cpdatt,

    The pricing procedure determination depends upon the following combination:

    Sales org + Distrb Channel + Division + Doc. Pric procedure (we maintain the doc pric procedure in Sales document type - refer T-code VOV8 or in Billing doc type using T-code VOFA) + Customer Pricing proc (Maintained in Customer master).

    You can define n number of combinations using the sales area + Doc pric proc + Cust pric proc.

    No for each Sales area you have to maintain the Pricing procedure determination using using T-code OVKK.

    Hope this answers your question in detail.

    REWARD if it helps you!!



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    Jul 26, 2007 at 08:12 AM


    You can create as many as determination...

    Customer Pricing Proceedure is useful which Pricing Proceedure is Applicable for customer

    Document Pricing Proceedure is useful in finding out which Pricing Proceedure is used for document type..


    Pricing Proceedure Determination..


    1000 10 00 A 1 RVAA01

    Now if you using customer 1000 and Document type OR..

    In customer master Record 1000 CPP is 1

    In Document Type OR DPP is A

    If you create a sales order For this System will Pick RVAA01 PRICING PROCEEDURE.

    Suppose if the document Pricing Proceedure is " B"

    Then system wont Pick the RVAA01 Pricing Proceedure.. If you want to determine that you need to maintain this combination.

    1000 10 00 B 1 RVAA01



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