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Jul 26, 2007 at 06:02 AM

Urgent MF60 Steploop Issue



When I run the t-code MF60,

I get a list of Materials for Staging.

Now there is a step loop to select the materials which I want to see the Staging.

Say, I select all materials (from the Select All Button) and when I click Stage > Individual Log, I should ideally get the error logs for all material (since I selected all), but

the issue is,

I see error log for only those materials which were visible in the step loop.


There are 15 materials,

In step loop I get to see only 5 materials at a time (on scrolling I get 15),

but when I select all and do the above process, I get error log of the 5 materials which

were visible to me in the step loop.

What could be the issue, why is the system only selecting the visible materials, though I had selected all.

Please assist,

Rewards for sure.