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Aug 01, 2017 at 10:47 AM

Implement Note 135028 make customizing VOE2 current.


Note 135028 describes the way to make a customizing object current in production. Current actual means that customizing entries can be added in production, if one is authorized off course.

An example of the need to enter customizing entries in production is currency rates. We want to use it for the VOE2 transaction. Actual this transaction should not be in customizing because it contains master data which should exists and as we all know the master data in DEV is different with QAL and different with PRD.

Anyhow we want to change that. According to the note 135028 you maintain these current settings directly in the production system to avoid ..... et cetera.

To change that in production we need a developers and object key. Is this, we need both keys for production, correct? Since we don't have a developers key in production yet we then need to request one for production. I don't understand why it isn't mentioned in the note as well, but maybe it is because it is normal. Do people have experience with this?

Regards Kees